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​The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) renewed the full membership of the Saudi Academy of Civil Aviation in the advanced flight training program, and adopted the academy as a certified security training center.  This was done alongside the ICAO conference which is being held in Montreal.  Mr. Fahad Alharbi head of the academy received both membership renewal and accreditation certificates in the presence of the Assistant to GACA President for Central Services, Mr. Naim Shabana.

For his part, the Assistant to GACA President for Central Services Said: “The Academy membership renewal and accreditation as a certified security training center reflects the qualitative development in the field of aviation science training and is an important step in achieving the strategic goals that was put forward by GACA, especially that training development is a key factor in raising operational efficiency and the level of safety in the aviation sector in the Kingdom.  He stressed the need to continue and move on with plans that support the training development.  He went on to say that “we look forward to the Academy to continue its vital role to become a distinguished center in the field of aviation science training in the region”.

For his part, the head of the Saudi Academy of Civil Aviation, Mr. Fahad Alharbi considered obtaining the full membership and the transition to a certified security training center is an accomplishment and fairness on part of ICAO for the efforts that have been made in the adoption of international standards for training in the aviation sector.  This have been achieved after the academy have passed all the international standard requirements and the strict examinations by ICAO inspectors who have over the past period conducted field visits to the Academy headquarter to oversee its compliance to all the conditions.  Pointing out that membership renewal is considered an international recognition of the adoption of the Academy as a global training center, where training principles can be exchanged among member states and its academic curriculum can be in line with international curriculum and make it a place suitable to hold accredited training courses.

Alharbi noted that the Academy has made great strides toward accreditation as an internationally accredited regional franchise after it had passed fourteen out of fifteen requirements and is close to achieving the last requirement.  This will be another milestone in the history of the Academy, at the same token, he was very appreciative of the efforts made the Academy work force which culminated in the membership renewal.

On a footnote, the international Air Transport Association (IATA) have adopted the Saudi Academy of Civil Aviation as an accredited training center and gave it a similar certification as a regional center.