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  • ​​The academy shall be the key tributary in the development of aviation sciences at the international level and the localization of the technological civil aviation industry in Saudi Arabia.
  • Implementation of the approved plans to meet the needs of civil aviation and the beneficiaries of specialized human resources in the areas of civil aviation sciences.
  • Improve the performance level of employees in the areas of safety and security of air transportation in accordance with international standards.
  • Design and development of training packages in civil aviation sciences according to the standards of the Trainair Plus program.
  • Develop the working methods of the employees at the academic centers and departments.
  • Insure the development of international cooperation with regional and international bodies specialized in the field of civil aviation training to take advantage of their expertise and experience.
  • Help enhance international cooperation with regional and international civil aviation training institutions to gain experience.
  • Move the academy to an independent position by relying less on government subsidy.​​